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What's new in Tigerpaw 18 R3

Check out what's new in Tigerpaw 18 R3

It’s here! We’re excited to introduce Tigerpaw 18 R3, the latest release in the only tiger-powered platform to automate your business and simplify your life. (Because we think horsepower just doesn’t cut it for your business.)

The 18 R3 release is hardened and battle-tested. We put it through the wringer, beat it up and then tested it some more. It’s full of new features, customer-requested enhancements and optimizations to make this the best Tigerpaw yet.

Now, let's get to the good stuff! Here are the highlights of 18 R3:

For a full rundown of 18 R3 updates, customers can check out our detailed post on the Tigerpaw Community. To install 18 R3, visit our Downloads page.

New Default UI Theme

We heard from our customers that while they like our Tigerpaw orange, there was just a little too much of it in the new UI's default color scheme. So, as a follow-up to the V18 complete redesign of the user interface, we've created a new darker default UI theme that is easier on the eyes but still maintains our branding. We also made sure the new design exceeds industry guidelines for color-blind UX design.

Of course, users still have the ability to customize the look of their Tigerpaw theme to fit their company branding or individual preferences.

New Labels for Icon Toolbar

Continuing with our UI updates based on customer feedback, we added new icon labels to the UI ribbon toolbar to help with navigation in the most commonly used menus and icons. Longtime users will have no problem adjusting to this upgrade, and new users at your company will find it easier to onboard with the platform.

The default will be to have this turned on for all reps, but if users prefer a cleaner look without text labels below the icons, this setting can be toggled off.

Also, users still have the ability to mouse over the icons for a second and a label will display for the icon.

QuickBooks Integration Update

Accounting folks, have no fear. The Tigerpaw batch integration with QuickBooks has been updated to support QuickBooks 2019. More specifically, we've accommodated the change from exporting comma-delimited IIF files to the newer tab-delimited IIF files. This ensures your files will play nice if you upgrade to the latest QuickBooks version.

Tigerpaw Mobile Enhancements

We didn't just stop at the desktop version with this update. 18 R3 is jam-packed with more than 20 updates and enhancements to the Tigerpaw Mobile app, including:

  • Increased size limit for uploaded files
  • New accessibility to account documents
  • Stronger overall connectivity

Download 18 R3 Now!

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Jul 11, 2019 9:45:16 AM / Posted by Team Tigerpaw

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