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What's new in Tigerpaw 18 R1 release candidate

The new Tigerpaw new UI now available in 18 R1 is modern, sleek, minimalist, clean and streamlined.

The Tigerpaw 18.x series launches our comprehensive redesign of the Tigerpaw UI. We put a lot of thought into the user experience as we worked on this project. Now all that hard work has paid off, and we're excited to share the new Tigerpaw UI with you in the 18 R1 release candidate. The new UI is modern, sleek, minimalist, clean and streamlined.

As always, we welcome and value your feedback, and we will be adding more tweaks and enhancements in the upcoming 18 R2 release.

Let's jump into what we've added in 18 R1!:


New UI: The largest redesign of the Tigerpaw UI ever

Tigerpaw 18 R1 is fully loaded with our beautiful new UI.

And we have listened to you. In 18 R2, we will be adding even more customizability to how you organize and choose the colors of your fonts, tabs and yes, even your navigation pane in the new UI. We hear you, and we're adding the ability to change the colors of the top nav bar.

We considered giving you preset, themed options, but ended up opening the floodgates and giving you full control over multiple color options here. Admittedly, you could create some truly eye-bleeding color combinations — maybe we'll have to do a contest for best and worst....

This will give you more options than ever before to create your Tigerpaw experience.

» » More information: Tigerpaw 18 R1 will contain the largest redesign of our UI ever (yes, this is real)


Enhanced master table security permissions

We understand that many of you work directly with your customers to manage their tech security, so it only makes sense that you want the best tools and options to manage and protect your own data. With Tigerpaw 18 R1 we have added 24 new security permissions, allowing you even more granular permissions on who has access to your master table functions.

The new permissions include updates for specific master tables:

  • Account groups
  • Account profiles
  • Activities and campaigns
  • Contact groups
  • Contact profiles
  • Email analytics click-thru links
  • Email templates
  • Literature packages

» » More information: Security permissions Tigerpaw Bulletin


Updates to standard reports optimize calculations

Tigerpaw includes more than 600 reports and built-in documents. It is an extremely powerful piece of the platform that can be overlooked. In this release, we've made multiple updates to several reports to optimize calculations and improve their viability for your businesses.

This includes updates and optimizations to reports for:

  • Invoicing
  • Commissions
  • Quote Margins
  • Service Orders
  • Tasks
  • Sales Tax
  • and more

If it's been a while since you've used the reporting tools in Tigerpaw, we highly encouraged you to dive in. It's your data, put it to work for your business!


Additional enhancements abound

We've also added updates to the Timer Service Email Queue, the ability to select proration method for items added to existing contracts, multiple meter readings from the Service Order view, a new integration with PrintFleet Optimizer and the ability to import rate cards from various lease programs.

While Tigerpaw 18 R1 is a release candidate, it is stable and full of several new features. We will continue to add enhancements to the 18.x series, and there will be multiple updates in the full Tigerpaw 18.2 release later this year.


Resources, updates and documentation

Stay plugged into the Tigerpaw Community to discuss the latest release with our team, keep connected by following our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), gain new insights and business tips by reading more posts on the Tigerpaw Blog and keep up to date with the latest Tigerpaw information and announcements.

Tigerpaw 18 R1 Overview video — see the new UI in action!

Have a passion to skip through all this and just see the new UI in action? We get it. Check out this recorded webinar with our always awesome Senior Technical Trainer Tony Mehner to see some of the major enhancements we added in 18 R1.

» » More information: See the new Tigerpaw UI in this video overview

Let us know what you think

What do you think of Tigerpaw 18 R1? We've already heard a lot of your feedback — you're a vocal bunch, and we appreciate that — but we always want to know what you think. Feel free to comment below or share your thoughts and opinions in this Tigerpaw Community thread.  As always, we're listening.

And if you want to take an even closer look, request a demo.

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Aug 9, 2018 3:56:48 PM / Posted by Team Tigerpaw

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