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What's new in Tigerpaw 17 R2

Tigerpaw 17 R2 means more upgrades, more new features, and more enchancements.

How do you top a release like 17 R1? You make an even better sequel: Introducing Tigerpaw 17 R2! (Notice we resisted the urge to say “Electric Boogaloo”?)
Our newest release in the Tigerpaw 17 series continues our new product rollout schedule. We’ve committed to multiple releases in a series with more frequent updates — this means you get more upgrades, more new features, and more enhancements faster than ever before.

We appreciate all of the feedback and input we’ve received from you, the passionate Tigerpaw Community.

All of our Tigerpaw One and Livebridge customers can follow the upgrade instructions and begin planning their adoption of the new version (if you haven’t already).

Here are a few of the highlights in 17 R2:

Activities will now be automatically processed (you’re welcome)

Marketing teams rejoice! Now, in Tigerpaw 17 R2, activities will automatically process by the Timer Service. You will no longer have to ensure someone goes in every day to kick off your activities.

During the midnight run the Timer Service will now auto-process activities that were not completed in 14 days. You do still have the option to manually process activities, however. Have one you want to process immediately? You can certainly do that.

But the big news is here you don’t have to manually process them. You can clock out at 5 and go home and know that Tigerpaw will automatically process your activities for you.

This is a huge piece of automation that our team has wanted to do for a while, and we’re excited to bring it to you in 17 R2.

Editor’s Note: Since this is a big change to how your team processes activities, we recommend you build a “Scheduled Activities” Matrix and take care of any that are over 14 days old. Remember, the automated processing of activities looks at the last 14 days, so you want to take care of older ones before switching completely to the automated service.

Etilize levels up with new features and functionality

Our native GfK Etilize integration debuted in Tigerpaw 17 R1, and we have added more functionality and options to this feature in 17 R2.

We’ve added a new Shopping Cart feature that allows you to add a pile of items all at once. Looking at four routers and decide you want all of them? You can now add them all at once with the Shopping Cart option. Click the red X to remove an item from your cart or click “Add to Quote” to pull your final items into your document.

Your new non-stock items are added to your quote with a click!

We’ve also added the ability for you to choose how Etilize should add items to service orders. If you’re adding a new non-stock item to a service order, we’ve just saved you the extra clicks to convert the non-stock item into a price book item.

Now you can add items directly as new price book items and you can skip all the converting steps and clicks in-between. (You’re welcome.)

Live Chat with the Tigerpaw Support Team

After upgrading to Tigerpaw 17 R2, you’ll notice a new option in your main ribbon. Along with the “Tigerpaw Academy” and “User Forum” links, there is an option for “Tigerpaw Support Live Chat.”

We’ve been testing this for a while and we’re excited to launch it with 17 R2. You can now Live Chat our Support Team with just a few clicks.

New password options boost your security

Network and database admins will be excited about our inclusion of strong password security options in Tigerpaw 17 R2.

No one at your office can continue to get away with just using “password” as their password. (You know some of your people do this.) Now you can set requirements for your team to log into your Tigerpaw database, including: password length, minimum number of characters, lower case and upper case, special characters, and numbers.

You can now enforce the same strong password rules that you tell your customers to follow.

Agreements and Contracts get a shot in the arm

We’ve added a ton of feature enhancements to agreements and contracts in this release. We encourage you to check out the full release notes below, but here’s a quick rundown of some key updates.

New features at a glance
  • “Agreement Information” was added as a new category in email tokens.
  • You can now create a workflow definition for the workflow event type “Agreement expires in a given number of days.” (No more missed renewals! You can reach out to lock in the next year of that agreement before it expires.)
  • We’ve added the ability for you to run an “Agreement Profitability Report” straight from an agreement.
  • You can now add attachments to agreements like in service orders or quotes.
  • By popular demand, you now have the option to link contract templates to an agreement type. (Master Tables > Agreements > Agreement Type)
  • New agreement field: “Rep to Credit” added for commissioning purposes on invoices tied to a specific agreement.
  • Raised the character limit on agreement invoice comments to 8,000. Get as detailed as you need.
  • Added a new button for agreements: “Insert a Comment at Selected Location” to add line item notes. (This includes a checkbox for whether you want it to print on an invoice!)
  • Raised the character limit on contract invoice comments to 8,000.
  • Added the new “Vendor Contract” field to contracts; ideal for keeping track of your vendor contract numbers and tying them directly to the contract.

Resources, updates, and documentation

Stay plugged into the Community to discuss the latest release with your peers and Team Tigerpaw. Check out the bulletins for key features. And if you are ready to upgrade or want to dive deep into all the changes and enhancements in 17 R2, check out the full release notes.

17 R2 Release Notes
 Full 17.2 Release Notes
Nov 22, 2017 10:21:00 AM / Posted by Team Tigerpaw

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