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Tiger Tales: Meet Tony Mehner

Tony Mehner is the Senior Technical Training Specialist at Tigerpaw Software.

You've all heard of Tigerpaw Senior Technical Training Specialist Tony Mehner. Or, more specifically, you've heard him. He's the man behind the smooth, comforting voice in all of those Tigerpaw Academy videos giving you that confidence that, yes, you can master this software.

He's also the guy our customers often refer to on Tigerpaw Community when answering a fellow user's question, as in "Well, Tony once said in a webinar that ... " And, often times, he's the guy expertly leading you through implementation.

But how much do you really know him? Let's find out in our first installment of Tiger Tales in which we highlight members of Team Tigerpaw.

How long have you worked at Tigerpaw and what brought you here? 

I have been here since February 2009, so close to nine years! The company I worked with previously as a startup used Tigerpaw. When I found out Tigerpaw was based out of my hometown, I had to apply. I loved the application then, and had become the “Tigerpaw guru” there – so I knew I wanted to share that knowledge with more people. Getting hired was amazing, and it’s been an amazing ride! I love Tigerpaw – some people will even joke that I bleed orange.

What is the best thing about working at Tigerpaw?

This is going to sound corny, but I love sharing my knowledge with clients and finding out later it made their life easier, or saved their company in some way (usually that’s related to inventory). I also love working with every passionate employee here. It’s like a family. It really is.

When you aren’t at Tigerpaw, what are you most likely doing?

Playing videogames, of course! Losing myself in whatever world I’d like to explore that day – hunting dragons in the densely populated forests and snowcapped mountains of Skyrim, pursuing Reapers aboard the Normandy SR-2 in the Milky Way Galaxy, exploring and solving shrines in Hyrule and practically everything in between.

You’ve helped countless companies implement Tigerpaw and train their staff on our software. What would you say is the top thing that users overlook but shouldn’t?

Honestly, it varies from company to company. For most companies, it’s overlooking how important inventory management can be to their bottom line.  However, I think the single most important resource people have that they tend to overlook is our daily Ask the Expert sessions. A great place to start learning how Tigerpaw can help you is those sessions. Just ask. Pursuing more streamlined processes doesn’t stop at a client’s “go-Live” date – it evolves, and proper use of the Ask the Expert sessions is a sure-fire way to stay on top of it all!   

Which pop culture tiger is your favorite?

This should be a given – Tony the Tiger of course! He’s GREEEEEEAT! (I had to).


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Jan 10, 2018 12:59:14 PM / Posted by Team Tigerpaw

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