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Tiger Tales: Meet Steve Lee

Software Support Specialist Steve Lee provides technical help for Tigerpaw users.

Software Support Specialist Steve Lee is always up for an adventure, whether it's helping customers navigate the Tigerpaw platform or creating quests for his co-workers during the weekly Lunches & Dragons meet-up. 

Although normally pretty quiet, Steve comes out of his shell to play Dungeon Master, answer customer questions via phone, email or live chat and surprise the rest of Team Tigerpaw with a well-timed joke.

Learn more about Steve in our next installment of Tiger Tales in which we highlight members of Team Tigerpaw:


How long have you worked at Tigerpaw and what brought you here?

I’ve worked at Tigerpaw a little over three years now. I first started my IT career while in the Air Force from 1998-2002. My flight was responsible for the equipment in StratCom that tracked incoming missiles and where hitting something with a hammer was still considered a viable, cost effective option. 

From there I got CompTIA A+ and Network+ certified. I’ve helped people build websites through HTML and CSS, set up networks for banks and provided third party IT support prior to coming to Tigerpaw. I came here through a hiring agency and was fortunate enough to be able to stay with this wonderful company.


What is the best thing about working at Tigerpaw?

My co-workers, definitely. Everyone here is someone that I would consider a friend. Tigerpaw is the only place that I could be myself. Thanks to the wonderful culture that we have here, I have been able to run a weekly Dungeons and Dragons game on Fridays with a great group of people from other departments. It’s a great way to end the work week!


What does your typical day look like? 

A typical day starts and ends with taking phone calls from customers who can have a wide variety of questions that range from how to add a signature to their rep record to being able to troubleshoot an email connectivity issue. No two days are the same, but you do tend to hear from the same people since they are Tigerpaw admins at their company and all questions go through them first before going to us.

I also make sure to let our team lead, Chauncey, know that we appreciate him doing such a good job with the team.


What piece of advice would you give to users that would make their day-to-day jobs easier?

Workflows are great tools that don’t get enough use. They can be used to let their customers know that a ticket has been opened, closed or almost anything in between. It can also let your co-workers know when documents reach certain statuses.


When you aren't at Tigerpaw, what are you most likely doing?

Outside of my toothpick collection and my work with finding and releasing Chia Pets back into the wild, I am most likely watching my son play basketball. Or I could be bowling, which is something I’ve done for over 30 years, playing video games or board games or destroying … I mean, renovating our house with my wife of 18 years.


Are you like Steve and want to find a job in a quirky, fun and friendly culture that encourages you to be yourself? Check out our Careers page and watch our Tigerpaw Story video to learn more about our mission and culture.

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Feb 20, 2019 3:58:26 PM / Posted by Team Tigerpaw

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