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Tiger Tales: Meet Jared Gaston

Jared Gaston is a software development engineer at Tigerpaw Software.

If we handed out yearbook superlative awards, Software Development Engineer Jared Gaston would win for youngest and tallest tiger of them all.

A gentle — but never shy (just look at his photo) — giant who started out as a summer intern at Tigerpaw before graduating to full-time developer, Jared now spends his days writing code and helping plan out the latest features for our robust business automation software.

Learn more about Jared in our next installment of Tiger Tales in which we highlight members of Team Tigerpaw:


How long have you worked at Tigerpaw and what brought you here?

I had two stints as a summer intern at Tigerpaw, and then joined full time as a developer in January 2017. I came to Tigerpaw in a very lucky way. I had planned to go to seminary and study to be a priest after college, but I met the woman who would become my wife at the start of my sophomore year and immediately knew like I would need a different plan.

Our glorious leader James Foxall was my neighbor growing up. I reached out to him to see if he had any internship opportunities, and the head of development took a shot on me. The rest is history.


Why did you want to be a software developer? What makes being a developer at Tigerpaw such an awesome job?

Again, I arrived at this job in a very lucky way. I was a math major in college, and I took several courses that used programming to find numerical approximations of answers to equations that are difficult or impossible to solve directly. That set the spark, and then my interning here sealed the deal.

Being a developer at Tigerpaw is spectacular because of the incredible camaraderie of the team, the great modern tools and languages we use, the work we do and the culture in the building. We don’t hire jerks.


What does your typical day look like? How does what you're working on translate to the Tigerpaw end user?

Most of my day is spent either writing code or in discussions about how to implement and improve features. I also play a highly competitive game of checkers with the head of IT each day to keep the mind sharp.


When you look into the numbers of the Matrix, what do you see?

Whenever I see a matrix, I am always reminded of my college days where my math professor said the lamest/greatest joke of all time:

Question: It is easy to visualize a space in 2-dimensions, 3 -dimensions and 4-dimensions  but does anyone know how to visualize 7-dimensions?

Answer: Visualize n-dimensions and set n=7.

Yeah, no one else but me laughed at that one.


When you aren't at Tigerpaw, what are you most likely doing?

I am most likely doing something faith-based. I try to attend daily mass a couple days a week, I sing in the choir and volunteer in a couple different ways at my parish and am in a bible study. I also like sports, to hang out with friends, read and nap a lot.


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Apr 16, 2019 1:11:00 PM / Posted by Team Tigerpaw

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