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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and — OH, man! It’s already December and you have so much shopping to do! What do you get the techy, nerdy, geeky and all-around awesome people in your life? We’re here to help you out!

While everyone tries to make a Christmas Gift Guide list of the hottest items each year, let’s face it, a lot of them are terrible, not right for you or miss the mark completely. So how do you find the absolutely perfect gift? 

We’ve combed some of the best Christmas list gift guides to save you time (but probably not money), and help you locate the perfect gift while it’s still in stock. Check out this breakdown for some great gift ideas for the loved ones on your Christmas shopping list. 

So after reviewing more Christmas Gift Guide Lists than a methed-up Santa shopping with Walter White at 10-minutes-to-midnight on Christmas Eve, here are some of our favorites. 

Christmas Lists Gift Guides worth checking out

The Verge Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Christmas Gift Guide: The Verge Christmas and Hanukkah Holiday Gift Guide
Price Range: $10 to $1,799 (that's a mighty big range)

The Verge is a website dedicated to tech savvy purveyors of an excellent nerd pedigree. Their Christmas List Gift Guide has improved each year, and this year is no exception. You’ll find gifts that run a huge gamut of price, fandom and overall coolness factor.

On nearly every list this year you’ll find the Nintendo Switch, and our team of Tigers are big fans of Nintendo’s mighty tiny gaming system. We’d recommend it for a good time, great gaming options and shenanigans that will lead to office yelling while you play Overcooked for team building.

Want more gift ideas like this and don’t feel like you have to have the absolute newest items? Check out The Verge gift guides from previous years:

Business Insider gift guide for programmers and IT professionals

Christmas Gift Guide: 12 holiday gifts ideas for the programmers and IT professionals in your life
Price Range: $5.50 to $132

This byte-sized guide has some solid gift ideas for the programmers and IT pros in your life (and office). Snag a coffee mug that says “World’s #0 Programmer” or a t-shirt that says "Programmers transform caffeine into code."

If you don’t get some of the jokes, your programmer friend probably will get a big kick out of them.

NerdMuch ultimate Christmas gift guide for geeks

Christmas Gift Guide: 101 best geek gifts for Christmas: The ultimate list (2018)
Price Range: $6.99 to $469.99

The folks over at NerdMuch get credit this year for putting together a list that has a lot of different items. Typically these types of lists have quite a bit of overlap between each other, and while there is some here they definitely have a solid variety of items you won’t see recommended other places. 

Need a Zombie Head Cookie Jar, a “Stranger Things” nesting doll of Dart the demodog, a Tardis suit jacket, a Zelda chess set or a “Harry Potter” black cauldron soup bowl? Here’s your list. 

Popular Mechanics picks the best new board games to add to your Christmas gaming session

Christmas Gift Guide: The 50 Best New Board Games
Price Range: $20 to $200

Thanks to the rampant growth of technology and the democratization of creativity that Kickstarter has brought, we’re experiencing a golden age of board games. More and more people are choosing to have a dedicated game night with their friends or family to sit down and argue trades of wood for sheep over a game of Catan. 

This solid list from Popular Mechanics gives you the chance to find the next great board game for your regular gaming sessions. 

There are a ton of gems here. And many of these games can be snagged for under $40. Our team of Tigers loves games, and we encourage you to unplug and jump into a game with your own team. 

Geek deals under $20

Christmas Gift Guide: Awesome tech and gadget gifts for under $20
Price Range: Under $20

On a budget? Need a last-minute gift or just something to help round out someone’s stocking? This list is full of bargain ideas for the most frugal shopper.

Good luck and happy Christmas to you and your team

You still have plenty of time to snag some excellent gifts off of the lists above. We hope you find some unique and winning gift ideas for those on your shopping list. 

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. 

And while you’re taking the time to navigate some great lists, check out our guide “8 Essential Tips to Grow Your Technology Services SMB.” Download this free guide and use it to help plan your 2019 business strategies.

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