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PSAs, ERPs, RMMs: 8 other business automation software tools for technology service SMBs

Business automation software tools for technology service small- to medium-sized businesses

Each year, the team at Tigerpaw helps thousands of business owners streamline their processes, empower their workforce, and grow their companies. Since Tigerpaw was the first business automation solution on the market, we offer valuable insight. We also offer transparency and blatant honesty. We know that not every professional services automation (PSA) software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform or remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool is right for everyone. But we are confident that Tigerpaw will meet and exceed the needs for your business and we support the need to evaluate all available options. 

Not one to shy away from the competition, we've compiled a list of eight other business automation software tools for technology service small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).


Autotask is a cloud-based only, end-to-end software PSA platform for IT services products (ITSP) and MSPs. Autotask users report that the solution has strong real-time asset management and service data.

Autotask recently merged with Datto, a web-based RMM designed for small- and medium-sized businesses.



ConnectWise offers both web-based and on-premise platforms that specialize in managed services provider (MSP) solutions. Instead of an all-in-one offering, ConnectWise customers choose from individual, specialized products to get the most out of the platform for their business. This model has proven effective for businesses with less than 6 employees that require limited solutions. For larger businesses, however, it can be costly subscribing to multiple platforms.

ConnectWise also has its own in-house RMM program after acquiring LabTech in recent years.



Continuum is a RMM software that allows MSPs to back up servers, desktops, on-premise and cloud-based endpoints. The RMM features include reporting, patch management, client communication and endpoint protection. Continuum is subscription-based and offers a free trial.  



Datto is a web-based platform that provides ransomware protection, data recovery, SaaS backup and managed networking services. Datto is typically used by SMBs.

Datto recently merged with Autotask, attempting to expand into the PSA software market by merging with an already existing platform.



One of the more well-known ERP companies on the market, ECi offers a wide range of services. Its flagship product, e-automate, is the most widely-used ERP platform in the office equipment space. This platform features integrations to almost every product dealers prefer to use while running their managed print businesses, including GreatAmerica Financial Services, Compass Sales Solutions and Supplies Network. While plentiful, most features and integrations come at an add-on price, making ECi quite costly over time.

Over the years, ECi has acquired ERP competitors, such as La Crosse and OMD, and metered-billing service providers FMAudit and PrintFleet. The combination of those acquisitions and its many integrations have led to a static monopoly of sorts for ECi.


MSP Tools Comparison by Altaro



Recently acquired by Konica Minolta, MWA Intelligence’s Forza ERP platform offers solutions for accounting, inventory, purchasing, service, reporting and customer management. Forza is built on the SAP framework, which tends to inflate pricing for the end user.

Like ECi, Forza is specially designed for the imaging channel, but Forza is much newer and more innovative than ECi. Still, companies outside the managed print industry most likely will not find everything they need in a business automation solution with Forza.



Kaseya was originally just an independent RMM that integrated with most of the top PSAs. The company then decided to develop its own simple, cloud-based PSA designed for their existing customers who specialize in MSP and IT management.

While Kaseya’s PSA handles billing, accounting and project management, the platform is much simpler and lighter on features than PSA powerhouses like ConnectWise and Autotask that have been around for years. That can be a strength or weakness depending on your unique business needs.   


Oracle Netsuite

Oracle Netsuite is a cloud-based, all-in-one PSA and ERP solution that specializes in project management, accounting, billing, timesheet management and expense management. While very comprehensive, Oracle Netsuite is geared more toward large companies and corporations, especially because the extravagant cost of such a platform makes it hard for an SMB to see much return on investment (ROI).


Regardless of your industry, finding the right business automation solution is important for the success of your SMB. If you're curious about Tigerpaw and how we can help streamline your business, be sure to stop by our main website for additional details.

Not sure which tools to be looking for? Download our PSA Checklist for Technology Service SMBs.

Download our PSA Checklist and find the right professional services automation platform for your business.


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