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7 fun ways to stay engaged with Tigerpaw

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Tigerpaw isn't just a business automation software — it's a lifestyle. Maybe you bleed orange or maybe you're a cub learning to roar. Regardless, you are an integral member of the Tigerpaw family and we want to help you be the best tiger you can be.

As our Tiger-in-Chief James Foxall has said: "At Tigerpaw, we build and sell software; but that is not our mission and that is not our purpose. Our purpose is to help people run better businesses."

In previous years, we've hosted user conferences to help you fully leverage our software, network with peers and, most importantly for many attendees, socialize. Although there will not be a 2018 Tigerpaw Conference, here are seven fun ways (we wouldn't be Tigerpaw without some fun) to stay engaged with Tigerpaw on a daily basis:

The New Tigerpaw Blog

You're already a step ahead on this one. We relaunched the Tigerpaw Blog in December 2017 to offer new posts on the topics that matter most to you. Weekly themes run the gamut – from best practices and software updates to industry news and professional development. Use the form on this page to subscribe and receive email notifications when we’ve released a new post into the wild.

Tigerpaw Community

With the revitalized Tigerpaw Community, you can connect with fellow Tigerpaw users, get inside information from our Tigers, network with your peers, share your knowledge and make suggestions to help drive the direction of Tigerpaw. You can join the conversation and interact with our team. It’s like a mini-Tigerpaw Conference every day! (There’s no free booze, unfortunately, but also no jet lag either.)

Tigerpaw Academy

The Tigerpaw Academy isn't just some pomp and circumstance. It offers a full course catalog, training library, recorded webinars, version release notes, daily live Ask the Expert and Quick Start sessions and detailed reference guides. You can assign courses to your team and track their progress to ensure they are certified in their roles. Finish courses, earn points and your achievements will reflect on the Tigerpaw Community. You can earn several shiny Tigerpaw badges that will display next to your name when you post and show others the depth of your Tigerpaw knowledge.

Master Classes

So many of you want to devour as much Tigerpaw knowledge as possible. That’s why we’ve expanded our paid Master Class schedule to offer one in-depth training session every other month in 2018. So far, we've helped users master managing projects and the accounting integration tools. Check out the latest offerings on the Training Calendar.

Deep Dives

We kicked off our new Deep Dive series in which we share tips and best practices for running a modern tech business during a free, live webinar. In April, we shared with over 100 attendees how to create your own standard operating procedures (SOP). Upcoming sessions will cover topics such as creating a winning culture, running the best meetings ever and social media best practices. Look for more details in your inbox soon or on the new Tigerpaw Event Calendar.

Tradeshows and Conferences

If you’re really wanting some face-to-face time with Team Tigerpaw, check out our Tigerpaw Event Calendar for our tradeshow and conference schedule to see when we will be in a city near you. Several of our tigers will be traveling around the country in 2018. Stop by our booth to share your Tigerpaw experience, check out our latest features in person or simply take a selfie with Roary!

Social Media

Need more Tigers in your life? Connect with us on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram. We’re active, we’re here and we are actual people (not corporatized drones). Follow us to get Tigerpaw insights, find out about upcoming events, see our Tigers’ shenanigans and get tips and insights from experts on what matters to your business: culture, leadership, sales, marketing, technology and modern business best practices to help your team and your company grow. Give us a shout out on “the socials.” We’re here and we’re listening. Hit us up with a digital high-paw!
Apr 20, 2018 11:23:55 AM / Posted by Team Tigerpaw

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