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Highlights from TAG National 2019: Tigerpaw presents awards to partners

Tigerpaw Software and TAG National Conference 2019, Joel Vaslow presenting

Team Tigerpaw came out in force for the 2019 TAG National Conference in Orlando. We reconnected with friends and customers and presented two awards to partners who go above and beyond.

Technology Assurance Group (TAG) is an organization of leading managed technology services providers (MTSPs) in North America representing $350 million in products and services, and Tigerpaw has been partnered with the group for years as an elite sponsor of the organization and its activities.

A conference by any other name

Tigerpaw attends dozens of conferences and trade shows around the country every year, but the annual TAG Conference continues to hold a special place in our heart. We're proud to be a longtime partner and sponsor of TAG, and our team looks forward to the annual National Conference each year.

This year we sent five of our Tigers to the TAG Conference to reconnect with our friends, partners and customers.

"TAG is an amazing group!" said Tigerpaw COO Joel Vaslow, who attended this week's conference. "The members genuinely care about each other both personally and professionally."

It's hard to pinpoint what makes TAG such a different organization and event, but Vaslow feels they are truly a unique organization that stands out in a sea of "best practice" groups that frequently do not return value for the members. TAG actually does return that value, which is one of the reasons our partnership has extended through so many years.

"They invest significant time in helping each other's businesses succeed and grow," Vaslow said. "Unlike other organizations I've participated in as a vendor, the TAG organization and the TAG members also are genuinely interested and invested in the success of partners like Tigerpaw."

We're going Streaking!

We believe in embracing our quirky, fun and friendly company culture and core values (fitting since that was the main theme of this year's TAG Conference), so the awards we present each year reflect that.

This year we handed out two "Top Streaker" awards. A group of tigers is known as a "streak" or an "ambush", so the name is fitting.

The Top Streaker Award honors long-time valued partners of Tigerpaw who are active members of the TAG business professional community. These companies and industry leaders demonstrate the business best practices taught by TAG, and serve as valued Tigerpaw thought leaders and ambassadors.


Top Streaker Award

CTS Technology Solutions
Pictured: Tigerpaw COO Joel Vaslow, CTS President Kelly Ethington, and Tigerpaw Director of Quirky Roary Tigerpaw.

This is the second year in a row that CTS has taken home a Top Streaker Award from Tigerpaw.

TAG Conference 2019 - CTS, Kelly Ethington, Joel, Jamie as Roary, Streaker Award

Kelly Ethington, president at CTS Technology Solutions, and the entire CTS team go above and beyond in providing an amazing customer experience to their clients. They also continue to find new ways to assist their industry (and TAG) partners by sharing their experiences.

In a rarity for some companies today, Ethington and CTS are willing to share their expertise for what they have found works well, and they even have shared experiences when they've tried things that didn't pan out. Both examples are invaluable to other businesses as they work to map out growth strategies as effective as those CTS continues to run and develop.


Top Streaker Award

TOPS Office Technology Solutions
Pictured: Tigerpaw Director of Quirky Roary Tigerpaw, TOPS Operations Coordinator Brad Fair.

This is the first Streaker Award for TOPS Office Technology Solutions. 

TOPS Technology Solutions, Streaker Award Winner, with Jamie as Roary

Unfortunately, Brad had to leave before the awards ceremony, so we were unable to hand him the Streaker Award for TOPS in person. We'll get it in the mail, of course, but we did capture a candid moment between Brad and Roary earlier in the conference.

TOPS serves as a great example of a business leading the charge to offer converged services across multiple industries, products and verticals. Many of these are often handled poorly individually by groups, but TOPS manages to excel at multiple technology offerings simultaneously: IT and networking, surveillance and security systems, VOIP services, business phone systems and even office printers and managed print services.

A big congratulations to our award winners on behalf of Roary and all of us at Team Tigerpaw. It's an honor to work alongside amazing industry leaders like you every day.


Should you attend the next TAG National Conference?

Year after year, TAG continues to deliver positive ROI and strong business best practices to its members. Even more so, the TAG-member businesses are committed to helping each other succeed.

Tigerpaw sponsors many events throughout the year, but the TAG National Convention stands a cut above many of the trade shows we attend.

While this was Vaslow's second TAG event, it was his first time attending their annual National Convention.

"I was impressed with how well the event was organized." Vaslow said. "There was a great mix of general sessions, dedicated time with our customers and socializing. It also was great to meet many of our partners and put faces to the voices of people we interact with on a regular basis. I enjoyed getting to know what’s on the mind of our customers and partners as well as getting to know them personally."

Vaslow and Team Tigerpaw are already planning to attend the next TAG National Conference. We hope to see you there!

"Overall, it was a fantastic event and I’m already looking forward to next year’s event in Palm Springs."


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