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Feast your eyes on the all new Tigerpaw UI


In 34 years of building and supporting software that automates business and simplifies lives, I’ve learned that the only thing constant is change. While the core functions of running a business remain the same, the details change fast and often.

For example, 34 years ago the idea of real-time pricing with visibility into your distributor’s warehouse wasn’t even a dream, and today with Tigerpaw and our Etilize integration it happens every day. (You are using this integration, aren’t you?)

It’s so easy to get caught up in the constant changes that you focus on features and services and forget about the basics. We realized this is exactly what we did at Tigerpaw. We’ve been so busy innovating in our software and helping people run better businesses that we forgot the basics keeping the UI fresh and efficient.

In 2010, we added some great new UI features that included multiple tabs for navigation and a real bona-fide history list and back button. These features received a lot of praise. However, the core UI of the product was last overhauled in the late 1990s – OUCH!

To be clear, we use our own product every day — sales uses it to send proposals and process orders, our help desk uses it to manage support tickets and our training team uses it to manage implementations and consulting engagements. In industry terms, we “eat our own dogfood,” so we understand first-hand the challenges with using such an old interface.

And that’s about to change … much like how it was time for my long hair and soul patch to go, it is time for a makeover of Tigerpaw.

We are both excited and proud to release an entirely updated UI for Tigerpaw in 18.1 — available for you to run in the next few weeks! In my opinion, the new design exceeds every goal that we set in crafting this incredible update.

We set out to create a new user experience for Tigerpaw one where not only our “old heads” who have been with us for decades can still feel comfortable, but also an experience that a younger generation can embrace as fresh and new. We’ve been using the new UI version of Tigerpaw One in-house and we absolutely LOVE it. And we believe that if the new UI makes all of us at Team Tigerpaw more pumped to use our own product, you will love it too.

Here are a few things to note about the new UI:

It looks fresh

The UI revamp required a new design for over 600 icons and over 500 forms (windows). We not only changed icons, we changed color schemes, fonts, data indicators, frames, 3D to flat effects and many other items. This was a huge undertaking, but the results are incredible. This is a design we are proud of creating, and your company can be proud using. If you have a lot of Millennials in your company (or you are one) know that we feel your pain when it comes to older user-interfaces (as a near 50 year old, I wouldn’t want to run a DOS app myself) and we absolutely had you in mind when we created this design.

It feels less complicated

Tigerpaw is a sophisticated beast probably the most feature-rich application of its kind that touches all areas of your business. The old UI had lots of colorful icons and 3D text fields that acted as magnets for your eyes and made Tigerpaw feel overwhelming at times. The new UI uses a monochromatic design that tends to keep icons in the background but always there when you need them. This new UI is easier on the eyes, and is far more “calm” than the previous design.

It is easier to use

This UI update is not all about good looks we’ve made the product easier to use as well. For example, grids that had tiny little buttons on the left of them (quote item detail, parts used, etc.) now have larger horizontal buttons above them. Because the buttons are larger, they are easier to distinguish and click, and, because they are at the top of the grid in a single row, they are functionally easier to separate with your eyes they just work better.

It is still Tigerpaw

When we first started socializing the idea of a new user interface, we could see the look of panic in people’s faces. Many of you have years invested in learning Tigerpaw, and throwing away that muscle memory would be a shame. What you’re going to find is almost every button that you are used to is still where it was it just looks simpler and cleaner. Of course, we still have tooltips to tell you a button’s purpose, but within a week or two of regular use they will all make sense because they are still where you expect to see them.


Get Your Paws on the New UI

Change is scary, but change is how the world keeps moving forward. This new UI is a radical change on the surface, but rest assured this is still the same great Tigerpaw that you’ve invested in learning, and you’ll soon see that the switch won’t be as big of an undertaking as you might think.

As of this publishing date, we are preparing a release so that you can start running the new modern Tigerpaw as soon as you’d like. Put it through your daily wringer and let us know what you think of our new stripes by posting a comment below.

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Take a closer look at the new UI

Jun 6, 2018 8:42:00 AM / Posted by James Foxall

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