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Empower your sales team to close more deals and boost revenue with Tigerpaw 17 R3

Tigerpaw 17 R3 has several key new features that help your sales team close faster and keeps revenue coming in the door.

At Tigerpaw, we are all about productivity, streamlining processes and finding more ways to automate the complex tasks that eat up so much of your day.

When we hear that a business is managing leads, prospects, contacts, deals, quotes, contract escalations and so much more in a mounting pile of spreadsheets, we know we can help. There’s a little piece inside all of our process-loving tigers’ hearts that echoes the refrain of those late-night infomercials: “There has to be a better way!”

We’re passionate to find those “better ways”, develop new features into Tigerpaw that take advantage of them and share them with you.

And Tigerpaw 17 R3 has several key new features that help your sales team close faster and keeps revenue coming in the door.

Take back your day and empower your reps to close faster

Your time is important. Yes, you need to be involved in the big deals going through your business, but why can’t your reps handle the smaller ones? Do you really need to take time out of your day to approve every single quote? Have you ever thought, “It would be great if my team could approve their own quotes up to a certain amount that I can set.”

Of course you have.

Well, then you’ll love our new feature that allows you to do exactly that.

In Tigerpaw 17 R3, you are able to set a quote approval threshold so your sales reps can move things along at a faster pace. Those small deals should closely quickly, freeing up your reps to go after the bigger fish, and now you don’t have to approve every single one.

Set an amount you’re comfortable with and your team can now approve their own quotes up to that threshold. A new security setting for this feature means you can trust it to your experienced reps, but hold off on giving it to your brand new reps until you think they’re ready.

If coffee is for closers, your team is about to get caffeinated at a much faster pace!

Bring in more revenue by auto escalating meter pricing

We have been listening to our customers and we understand that many of you are pushing into converged services in the MPS/MSP space. Tigerpaw has been at the forefront of helping business capitalize on those convergence trends in the market, and we’ve created some great new features to help automate your managed print offerings.

As you dive further into managed print services (MPS, not to be confused with MSP as the line grays), you’ll discover a great synergy with traditional MSP services. You’ll also discover that contracts and billing on these deals can get a bit complicated pretty quickly.

Relax! We’re here to help.

We’ve added new tools that automagically escalate prices on these complex deals.

You can auto-escalate pricing on meter groups. This feature can be set to increase by X% every Y months. For example, you could set a 1.42% increase every 6 months.

This simplifies your sales and billing teams’ lives. Rather than spending hours and hours adjusting widgets, sliders and the tiny minutia of increased billing on these types of services, you can set it once and let Tigerpaw’s automation take care of it for you.

Need a little negotiating room to help close that contract? No problem! We also added the ability to lock in pricing to a specific date, such as having no price change for the first year of a contract. The price escalation won’t happen until the date you set.

This great new set of features keeps your revenue rising on your existing MSP contracts while your team focuses on acquiring new clients.

Increase successful payments (and revenue) with new billing feature

We understand that one of the key components to the success of your business is nurturing your recurring revenue stream.

To help with this we’ve added a new feature that allows you to update your billing across all contracts and agreements on an account — all at the same time.

This could be easy to miss as a boring administration tweak, but this has huge implications for keeping the money rolling in to your organization. Trust us, your billing department will thank you for this.

Now, when you add a new default payment method on an account, a prompt asks if you want to update all of the existing contracts and agreements with the new payment method.

This eliminates all of the repetitive, manual steps (and subsequent three-martini lunches your billing department has to take) of updating each individual contract and agreement for an account.

Now, with one click you can say goodbye to seeing “Card Declined” on your contract transactions and say hello to more reports that say “Payment Received.”

Add more revenue to your bottom line with converged services

All of these features help your team close more deals and keep the money coming in to your company.

And if you’re looking for more ways to bring in fresh, new revenue streams, we can help! Download our free “Manage More Than Print” Features Guide to learn how Tigerpaw One can help your team do more, sell more and automate more as you join the digital transformation of converged services.

Download our Manage More Than Print Features Guide and see how our Tigerpaw One business automation platform can help streamline your evolving managed services business.

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