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Top 3 benefits of a PSA over Salesforce

There are key differences between a professional services automation tool like Tigerpaw One and a CRM like Salesforce

Salesforce is considered the No. 1 customer relationship management platform (CRM) on the market today for every industry.

It’s also the most well-known, which is why when a technology services company is considering a business automation platform — such as an all-inclusive professional services automation (PSA) tool or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software — that includes a CRM, Salesforce is often used as comparison.

So let’s take a look at the top three benefits (and main differences) of a PSA over Salesforce:

PSAs are industry-specific

Salesforce offers a slate of features and integrations to help your company manage the entire customer success process whether you are in retail, the healthcare industry, etc. It’s a one-size-fits-all kind of CRM that works well for thousands and thousands of companies worldwide. It’s a household name for a reason.

However, as a technology service provider, you need more than just “generic software” to track and manage your day-to-day business operations. You have unique needs, such as inventory management, service ticket tracking, invoicing, project management and time-tracking.  

Salesforce doesn’t list “IT” or “technology” as one of the top 12 industries on its website but does boast about its slate of integrations and apps in its AppExchange. Only a small number are tech space-specific, though, which may lead to the need for you to utilize and/or purchase more software to fill the gaps.

PSAs are all-inclusive platforms specifically built for their industries, such as technology service providers. Most of the PSAs were built by techies for techies. They know your challenges, because they have lived them too, and they’ve built their solutions to address every need, want and have throughout your entire business — not just the CRM side of things.

PSAs are more than just a CRM

Salesforce is a CRM. It gets the job done for the companies it was built to help.

PSAs are much more than a CRM. In fact, the CRM tool is just one small part of a traditional PSA.

The most popular technology space-specific solutions on the market today take all of the features of CRM and PSA software and put them into a single, all-inclusive platform that provides all the necessary tools and resources for every employee across your organization to access from a single, user-friendly portal.

These business automation platforms are beasts that empower you and your entire team to work more efficiently and effectively across the departments. With everyone working on one platform, nothing slips through the cracks, double-entry is eliminated, communication is streamlined and data silos are demolished.

In order to even get close to the functionality of what a PSA can do, Salesforce requires add-ons. And more add-ons. And someone on your staff with the tech savvy to keep them all running, which can be a full-time job in itself.

PSAs are all-inclusive

All of the add-ons needed in order to run a technology services business with Salesforce makes the cost skyrocket.

Just on the CRM side of things, a Salesforce user would have to opt for the top packages that start at $75 per user per month to get basic functions like marketing automation, sales opportunity scores, quotes and contracts. If you want business automation functions, you have to get the top package at $150 per user per month. Add in unlimited technical support and you’re at $300 per user per month. And that's just the CRM without the Service Cloud.

The best PSAs, however, are all-inclusive.

Have you ever stayed at an all-inclusive resort? It works something like this:

  • Room service? Included. Revel in the laziness of a bed-side mimosa brunch.
  • Mini-bar? Included. Grab those macadamia nuts without a second thought.
  • Snack shack? Included. No need to even carry a wallet in those swim trunks.

And that’s how a PSA works — all the benefits of Salesforce, plus every other feature you need in a single, business automation platform.


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