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Michelle Jackson-Triplett is the self-appointed ringmaster of our quirky Island of Misfit Toys. She manages our Support Team to ensure every customer is treated fairly, each ticket is solved quickly, and no one is frying bacon in their cubicle (it happened — #TeamBacon). She has a BS in Management Information Systems and a Masters in Business Administration from Penn State (whose mascot is a Lion, so she was a natural fit for our big cat culture at Tigerpaw). Michelle has extensive experience leading technical support and project teams for multiple Fortune 500 companies; and in spite of that corporate background, she still manages to be positive, upbeat, and kind to the most demanding customers (and coworkers). A master of customer service and the one-liner quip that makes you do a double-take, Michelle loves old buildings and home improvement. A hopeful realist at her core, Michelle frequently spends time with a wild group: Red, Auggie, Cassie, Gretta, Blondie, B.G., and Bitty — those are the names of her guitars. A Tomboy at heart, Michelle’s office is the one blasting an endless playlist of Rock, R&B, Jazz, and loving sarcasm.
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