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Love Bytes: 9 Tigerpaw-inspired Valentine's Day cards

Nine Valentine's Day cards inspired by Tigerpaw One, the most robust business automation software on the market

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the workplace can be tricky. That lady in accounting is allergic to flowers. Your service techs don’t like chocolate. And then there are those poor souls who have gone keto and can’t have sugar.

Team Tigerpaw to the rescue! We’ve created nine Valentine’s Day cards (download printable version at the bottom of this post) with a Tigerpaw twist to warm your hearts, make you chuckle and get your team to purr without too many HR violations:


Tigerpaw One offers every feature you need to run your SMB, including real-time inventory management and a full CRM.

Here’s a love byte

As a technology service provider, you deal with a lot of hardware and software with bytes. You also have all the tools to grow your business by using a business automation software like Tigerpaw that has some byte to it.

Will you be my hot note?

The Hot Note section in Tigerpaw helps your team keep and share important information in an easy-to-see spot on the account overview page. This can be especially helpful for your sales and customer service teams who are constantly on the phone and jumping from account to account.

Let’s get physical (inventory)

Real-time inventory management across all of your locations positively affects your business’ ROI and profitability. Tigerpaw offers complete inventory visibility, automatic notifications when stocks levels reach certain levels and value and profitability reporting.

Tigerpaw One offers every feature you need to run your SMB, including a real-time price book and robust dispatch board.

Let’s link accounts

Linking accounts in Tigerpaw helps you organize customers with multiple locations or contractor contacts like an accountant who works with different accounts. Linking accounts and/or contacts really helps keep your business data organized.

You’re #1 on my dispatch board

The Tigerpaw Dispatch Board allows you to drag and drop service orders (SO) to assign technicians new jobs and track and manage your techs’ time and utilization. And with Tigerpaw Mobile, technicians can see real-time schedules while out in the field.

I can’t put you in my price book because you’re priceless

In addition to the regular price book, the Tigerpaw One-exclusive GfK Elitize integration allows users to browse through thousands of items in the online mega-catalog, access real-time product information, convert non-stock item to a price book item and attach high-res images to quotes.

Tigerpaw One offers every feature you need to run your SMB, including asset management and technician time tracking. 

I love checking out your assets

Tigerpaw allows you not only to keep track and monitor your customers’ assets — from hardware and software to contracts and agreements — but also attach and store important documents, such as warranties and signed quotes and proposals.

I wanna log all my time with you

With Tigerpaw, service techs can keep track of their time and billable activities in Tigerpaw Mobile while on a job site or later on in the desktop application. With all of the data in Tigerpaw, the service manager or leadership team can report and analyze tech utilization and then make any necessary changes to maximize profitability.

You’re my top prospect

Tigerpaw’s CRM features enable your sales team to accurately track sales opportunities, identify your top prospects and maintain a healthy sales pipeline. You can also send marketing emails and analyze campaigns.


Now, share the love

Click the image below to download the printable version of these cards and spread some Tigerpaw-style love around your office this Valentine’s Day:

Tigerpaw-inspired Valentine's Day cards

Feb 12, 2019 10:02:01 AM / Posted by Team Tigerpaw

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