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9 common misconceptions about Tigerpaw One

Tigerpaw One is so robust that it may seem a little intimidating. Let's address nine common misconceptions about this all-inclusive software solution.

Tigerpaw One is the most robust business automation software platform for technology service providers on the market today.

Because of the sheer number of world-class features and tools our all-inclusive, SaaS solution offers and how integral our software is to your business, it may seem a little intimidating.

But this beast doesn't bite. We promise.

To help you feel a little more comfortable, let's address nine common misconceptions about Tigerpaw One:

Myth #1: Tigerpaw One means installing an entirely new product.

Fact: Tigerpaw One is the same reliable product you’ve enjoyed as a Livebridge customer — plus every bell and whistle. You get all of the additional features and functionality without having to install brand new software.

Myth #2: Converting to Tigerpaw One takes a lot of time.

Fact: When you are upgrading from Livebridge, converting to Tigerpaw One takes about 10 minutes.

Myth #3: Hosted is the only option.

Fact: While we offer the option to host your version of Tigerpaw One, you can keep running the on-premise solution.

Myth #4: You have to install every part of the product all at once.

Fact: We offer numerous integrations and features that connect to other applications you can’t live without. But you can choose when to leverage those tools for our business.

Myth #5: Converting to Tigerpaw One will impact the add-on products you’re currently using.

Fact: Your add-on products from the concurrent licensing model will continue to function exactly as they did before. Plus, you will get unlimited access to every feature at no additonal cost.

Myth #6: You can no longer control module access by rep.

Fact: You always control user permissions with the same security settings and access control you have today. But the option is there to make every feature and tool available for everyone on your team.

Myth #7: You have to buy a license for every rep in your database.

Fact: You only purchase licenses for reps that actually log in to Tigerpaw. So you can keep your generic reps, such as portal@tigerpaw.com or emailconnector@tigerpaw.com, and not worry about paying extra for those.

Myth #8: You should wait until we release Tigerpaw Two.

Fact: Tigerpaw One is the name of the platform, not the version. It already includes every upgrade, feature and service we offer. So when the newest version is released, you have access to it. Also, you would be waiting a very, very long time, because there is no Tigerpaw Two.

Myth #9: You’re on your own to figure out how to convert.

Fact: In addition to your Tigerpaw account rep and our support team, we offer a wealth of resources — from the online User Guide, Community forums and more — to help you navigate through this awesome process. As always, we are here to help you.

Taming the Beast

Now that all of that mythbusting is done, this beast of a platform seems way less scary and more like a fuzzy, loyal companion.

Are you ready to take a closer look? Request a demo today.

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Mar 2, 2018 9:50:07 AM / Posted by Team Tigerpaw

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