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4 new features in Tigerpaw 17.3 that help MPS providers move into managed IT

Tigerpaw helps office equipment dealers push into managed IT services.Within the recently-released Tigerpaw 17.3, we've added several new features aimed at helping managed print services (MPS) providers find a solution that adapts to their changing needs.

“The managed print services space is evolving,” says Tigerpaw President & CEO James Foxall. “And we are bringing our expertise in converged business solutions to help office equipment dealers evolve.”

With more industry-specific capabilities than an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool, Tigerpaw modernizes managed print services and gives those in the imaging channel the ability to manage IT services and office equipment in a single application.

“Tigerpaw really is a game-changer for the long-term potential and success of office equipment dealers in this age of convergence,” Foxall says.

All of the MPS features added in Tigerpaw 17.3 run through integrations with Print Audit and PrintFleet.

“It’s been really exciting to see the great work here by Tigerpaw to facilitate a business management model that empowers the convergence of managed print and managed services”, stated West McDonald, Vice President of Business Development at Print Audit.  “Print Audit is excited to integrate with Tigerpaw to offer unparalleled device management monitoring and management. We think these updates really hit the mark.”

Here's a closer look at the four new top-of-the-line managed print features in Tigerpaw 17.3:

Base Charge for Contracts 

We've added the ability to set a contract minimum (base) charge and meter group base charges. At the contract level, if the sum of the meter group charges for a billing period is less than the contract base price, Tigerpaw charges the agreed-upon base price instead.

Likewise, if the sum of a meter group’s readings for the billing period are below the meter group base price, the invoice reflects the agreed-upon base price. For your convenience, asterisks and a note stating “minimum base charge applied” display on the invoice.

Meter Pricing

This addition allows you to escalate pricing on a meter group. This feature can be set to increase by X% every Y months. For example, you could set a 1.42% increase every 6 months.

Need a little negotiating room to help close that contract? No problem! We also added the ability to lock in pricing to a specific date, such as no price change for the first year of the contract, for example. The price escalation won’t happen until the date you set.

Workflows by Increments

Technicians and/or customers can now receive an alert each time a specified increment is reached. For example, if you set it to "1,000", the workflow will fire when the clicks hit 1,000 and then again at 2,000, etc.

This workflow can be used to let clients know when they hit a specific threshold, or to let your team know when a monitored device is being heavily used.

Workflows by Clicks

Similar to the workflow above, this triggers a one-time alert when an asset hits a specified number of clicks.

This is a great workflow to set up for scheduled maintenance contracts. For example, you can set it to fire off a maintenance workflow once an asset has hit 10,000 clicks or approaches an end-of-life threshold so you can open conversations for service or upgrades.

More Features for Converged Businesses

These features are just part of an overall business automation platform for converged services providers. Are you looking to expand and and streamline your entire operation? Download our Manage More Than Print Features Guide to learn more about how Tigerpaw One can help you join the digital transformation.

Download our Manage More Than Print Features Guide and see how our Tigerpaw One business automation platform can help streamline your evolving managed services business.



Feb 2, 2018 11:44:58 AM / Posted by Team Tigerpaw

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